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VigyanShaala Rural STEM Champion-Mentoring

Language: English

Instructors: Dr. Anushila Chatterjee, Dr. Siva Sankari, Dr. Sagar Raturi, Prachi Mittal, Dr. Vijay Venugopalan, Dr. Darshana Joshi


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Why this course?


VigyanShaala International is on a mission to make Quality STEM education accessible to the most marginalized across India. Our unique data-driven approach identifies key barriers and bridges STEM professionals, undergraduates, and school students to facilitate cross-age peer mentoring and nurturing scientific temperament at scale. 

VigyanShaala STEM Fellowship – Our 3-year comprehensive mentoring and STEM skilling program nurtures local role models (STEM Fellows) with a 21st-century curriculum for critical thinking, promoting inquisitiveness, innovation, and interdisciplinarity.

VigyanShaala Rural STEM Champion Fellows and College Chapters: Through establishing VigyanShaala chapters in colleges, we provide mentoring, hands-on engagement, and training to under/post-graduate students pursuing STEM courses in rural and underprivileged urban settings. VS Labs consists of Tinkering spaces, Concept spaces, and Maker spaces. The focus is on Project-based learning, Research, and Development

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